While we’re always proud of our crazy show, this week is one for the books friends. Aaron gloats over Poker victory. Dan drinks Scott’s fail Kokanee. Kielen sings ’bout that ass. And that’s all before Greg and Sarah of Funemployment Radio join in. From there? Nerd fights over The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Sharky almost loses his life in a rum-soaked haze. And, delving deeper into Greg Nibler’s House on Haunted Hill. All that and, well, you just have to download to know. Thanks for listening and hope to see everyone at Bridge City Comics on October 21 for La Brujeria issue 2 and Sabretooth Vampire Volume 2. Be there!

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Greetings Programs! As DC wraps up all the New 52, Aaron asks Portland comic luminaries Kenna Conklin (Geek Portland), Sean Wynn, Rachel Eddin (Project: Rooftop), and Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds) to sit down and talk about what worked and what didn’t. Is the New 52 a revolution in comics, or are we seeing a return of the 1990s in 20 pages of color. Then, they evaluate the difference between positive sexuality in comics and flat out pandering, and just how far can comics push social acceptability with Starfire and Kick-Ass 2. All that, and Cannonball’s nigh invulnerability! Thanks for listening and thank to Things From Another World for letting us record in the Hollywood location.

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Long show this week friends. First, Aaron derails the show with pickles. Then, Scott and Kielen enter yet another bet with Dan and Aaron. A bet filled with balls and wings. Then, we sit down and chat with Rob from OneGoodHand.com and talk about what you can expect from the 1st Annual Geek in the City Poker Invitational. And, as it’s a night of bets, Dan puts yet another bounty on a one Scott Dally. Then, Aaron attempts a triple Pulling From Aaron’s Box with All-Star Western, New Avengers, and Aquaman. Guess which one Scott wouldn’t let him finish? Good thing he writes for Newsarama, the real review is there. All that, and info on the 2nd Annual Swashbucklers Ball. Thanks for listening and thanks for you support. Don’t forget, Podcast Awards – Geek in the City Radio – Arts & Culture.

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Greetings programs. A smaller show this week, but no less awesome. First, a recap of the Boo Yah Strikes Back for those that missed it and those that want to relive it. Plus, a special encore performance from that night of glory. Then, Aaron talks about everything great in comics that is Batman #1 and everything that is wrong in comics with Catwoman #1. (Seriously, how does he still have a job)? Next, a special Dally Demands as Scott talks about Kevin Smith’s Red State. Finally, a special talk with Dan about his friends at Forge and Thistle. You want to look as stunning as Captain Redgoat? You visit Forge and Thistle. Thanks for listening and thanks for sponsoring. It’s your show too.

Don’t forget to vote for Geek in the City in the Arts and Culture category at the Podcast Awards. Come on, how much would it rule to see us beat out friggen Ira Glass?!

Brought to you by Guardian Games and Music Du Jour.

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In this issue of Geek in the City, the crew are joined by the one and only Bill Oakley. They chat about working on the Simpsons, getting past the censors, and what to expect from season 2 of Portlandia. But first, Scott and Dan tell you what to expect at the Boo Yah Strikes Back. Then, Aaron has a long talk about Batwoman #1 &  Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, but not before giving his insight to the current state of comics with Bill. Finally, a three-peat installment of Fun With Race! Little audio note – A little rough this week, we had some shorts we couldn’t hunt down. Better next week, sorry folks. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you all on Saturday, September 17 at Guardian Games! Don’t forget to donate, and thanks!

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Hello all. Finally, after months of talking about it, Kielen King was finally able to sit down and have a chat with Mr. David Walker of BadAzzMofo and Darius Logan – Super Justice Force. Together, they have a very entertaining and insightful talk about race in film. Will we ever see real diversity in Hollywood films? Are Tyler Perry movies good or bad for a culture? Because their conversation rightfully demanded more time, we wanted to make this a special stand alone episode. Download. Enjoy. Leave you comments below. Thanks.

icon for podpress  Fun with Race - Supplemental [83:34m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Greetings programs! A fun issue this week as the crew records live from the Landmark Saloon so Scott and Kielen may partake in their Cornhole Championship Tournament. After their mighty game, Aaron sits down and has an in-depth conversation with Georges Jeanty, the talented artist on Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Dark Horse Comics. They talk about Season 8, dedicated fans, and the upcoming Season 9 premiere on September 14 at the Hollywood Things From Another World. Finally, Mailman Chris drops in to talk about some games and Kielen gives the ugly truth on dating stereotypes on Face With Race. See you all next Saturday at the Boo Yah Strikes Back on September 17 at Guardian Games. Thanks for listening and supporting the show.

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In this issue, the crew sits down with the crew. No, really. Geek in the City has a nice chat with Dan Clark and the charming lads with PDXYar.org and they learn what it takes to build the El Tiburon (AP fools, eat it Chicago), a functional ship for the Portland Pirate Festival. But first, a simple comment about the Star Wars BluRay release transforms into a full on George Lucas rant from Scott Dally and Kielen King. Finally, Aaron talks about the great DC Comics gamble with Justice League issue 1, will it appeal to long-timers and newbies? All that and lots of rum, brought to you by Guardian Games, One Good Hand, and Shout Factory. Thanks for listening and your donations. Get it!

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How much awesome can we pack into one issue? Lets see… We tell you more about the greatness that will be the Boo Yah Strikes Back and the Geek in the City Poker Invitational. Special guest Big Jim lends his genius and reminds you to watch him on 8/25 at O’Malley’s. We delve into Rasputin’s beard in Pulling From Aaron’s Box as he reviews Petrograd from Oni Press. Dan Clark reviews Ninja versus Vampires and why he wishes it didn’t happen. Kaebel Hashitani & Merrick Monroe cover the best 1st Thursday events in Portland. Finally, Kielen King covers a strange restaurant question in Fun With Race. All that, and some of the most awkward transitions of all time! Get it. Thanks for listening and thanks for donating.

icon for podpress  Issue 124 [89:31m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Greetings programs! In this issue, Scott and Kielen run the show with Bobby Roberts on the boards. In this issue, very special guest Adam “I am Captain Kirk” Rosko talks about Trek in the Dark, awesome Trek movies, and does a special Box Pulling with Batman Retroactive by Alan Grant & Norm Breyfogle. Then, Dally Demands with The Kids Stays in the Picture and a Fun With Race that asks “can you marry into a Ghetto Pass?” Plus, talk of 70s and 80s directors, old school comic book pages… And, how you can partake in the Geek in the City Poker Invitational, brought to you by OneGoodHand.com Get it!

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