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Mondays suck. However, they will suck less when you download and listen to the dork-fest that is the Drunk Fan Commentary of the real Transformers movie! Screw all that Bayformer crap… We’ve got mouthless Optimus Prime, Orson-freakin’-Welles, and Stan Bush! Starring Dan Clark, Fatboy Roberts, Cat the PA, and your friendly neighborhood Geek! Get it!

icon for podpress  Transformers Fan Commentary [93:57m]: Download

Yes, GeekintheCity Radio is all fail this week with a new episode. I wish I could give you some elaborate reason as to why, but I can’t. ‘S just happens and it happened this week.

However, we at GeekintheCity Radio don’t want to leave your ears without any entertainment all weekend. So, two often requested fan commentaries. First, the original Drunken Fan Commentary… Strange Brew! Big warning, back in the day we had one mic, 5 pounds of bacon, 4 cases of beer, and a bucket of donuts. Commentary sounds exactly how you image.

icon for podpress  Strange Brew Commentary [91:22m]: Download

After a (date unknown) hiatus, the Film Fever Fan Commentary returns with the Force! Ten years ago, George Lucas raised and then crushed thousands of adult fanboys (and girls) with Episode I – The Phantom Menace. And now, GeekintheCity Radio watches the film with more mature eyes. How has the film held up? Gotta’ download to learn. Special thanks to our guests Mailman Chris, Aaron Barnard, Dan Clark and the awesome Bobby Roberts! Turn in next month when Film Fever takes a look at the original Transformers movie!

icon for podpress  The Phantom Menace Commentary [147:48m]: Download

That’s right, Film Fever Radio takes on Carcharodon Carcharias and the birth of the “summer blockbuster” movie with the Spielberg classic, Jaws! Join Aaron, Scott, Fatboy Roberts, Dan Clark, Cat the PA, Dick Jones, The Prime, and a cast drunken fans as they spend a couple of hours on Amity Island. Download it now!

icon for podpress  Jaws Fan Commentary [134:01m]: Download

The “better late than never” edition! Sorry for the delay folks. With families in town and an old PC hard drive that didn’t want to give up the goods; this was almost the repost that wasn’t! However, thanks to listener Anno Superstar, everyone can enjoy the best Christmas commentary ever… 3 days after Christmas. Look at it this way, everyone has gone home now and you can enjoy this commentary in peace!

icon for podpress  Die Hard Fan Commentary [136:17m]: Download

Nothing but the best for the Film Fever Radio audience. Thrill at the drunken (but still insightful comments) from Aaron Duran, Fatboy Roberts, Cat the PA, Bobbie Winchell, Dan Clark (and his lively bride Sonia) from Pop Culture Zoo, and um… Lara Croft with Cobra Commander. (Trust me, it will all make sense).

icon for podpress  December Commentary - Scrooged! [105:36m]: Download

Hailing frequencies open Trekkies! Film Fever Radio returns to that November tradition, no, not the turkey one. We’re talking about a Star Trek commentary! This month, revel in the drunken nerdality of the Star Trek: First Contact Fan Commentary. With guests, Mailman Chris, Prime and Diana (many congrats), Cat the (kinda’ paid) PA, Ms. Winchell – the Feisty Trekkie, and Fatboy Roberts. Engage!

icon for podpress  First Contact Commentary [114:52m]: Download

And you thought it would never happen…and you’re darn near right! However, with Scott and Aaron taking the week off; they wanted to make sure the best audience ever was entertained. With a cast of thousands (or, at least dozens) the West Side Story Fan Commentary is a trip down musical fandom…Now with extra prancing!

icon for podpress  West Side Story Fan Commentary [152:21m]: Download

It would seem the fates decided Film Fever Radio would not leave the greatest audience high and dry during the Halloween season! As such, Aaron and Scott present the greatest (and profane) commentary of all time… The Devil’s Advocate! So, tuck in the kids, grab a brew and enjoy! With special thanks to Fatboy Roberts, Vanished Twin Photography, Cat the PA, and guests!

icon for podpress  The Devil's Advocate Commentary [148:47m]: Download

Aaron hopes you fantastic Film Fever Radio audience understands the pain he went through for this one! After months of teasing, Film Fever Radio brings you the first “hurt the host” series of commentaries with the horrendous Batman and Robin. Starring the Film Fever Radio boys, Fatboy of the Cort and Fatboy Show, Catherine the Unpaid PA, Jayesunn and Aaron of Vanished Twin Photography, Dan Clark of Pop Culture Zoo (and his wife’s stunning debut of Film Fever Ale), Mailman Chris, and others whom Aaron isn’t sure want their info posted! 🙂

As always, the Fan Commentary is incredibly profane and is not for the kids (or adults for that matter).

icon for podpress  Batman & Robin Fan Commentary [125:11m]: Download